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Functions are the underlying driving force for any application. They are responsible for processing the data in your application. Thus, we should have a good understanding of Python functions in general.

As an object-oriented programming language, Python functions are objects too. It means that it has its own attributes, just…

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With the growth of your project, you’ll inevitably define custom classes. In these classes, you can define a variety of methods that perform specific operations to satisfy the business needs.

From time to time, you or other users need to inspect these custom instances through their string representations.

Overview of the repr and str Functions

There are…


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Disclaimer: there is no conflict of interest. No sponsorship. I’m just introducing Streamlit based on my personal use experience with this tool.


In a previous article that I published last month, I showed you how to deploy a Streamlit web app for free by hosting your app on Streamlit Sharing…

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Besides texts and numbers, dates are a very common data type in our datasets. When we use Pandas to process dates, it’s definitely not the most straightforward task for most data scientists. When I began to use Pandas, I wasn’t familiar with date-related features, so every time when I dealt…

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Web apps are the most effective way to showcase your work, because they’re platform-independent and highly interactive. If Python is the language of your choice, you’re offered with options, including Django and Flask, two leading frameworks for web development in Python. …

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